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29 Jan 2005
I just wanted to say thank you for posting my query on the 27th, Morgan. Believe it or not, I just got an e-mail with, I think, some very valuable information. It came from a super nice lady by the name of Penny.
I was hoping for a response, but I sure didn’t think I’d get anything this quick !! ha I’m in heaven.
8 Dec 1998
Dear Sir,
I don’t know who to contact if I have had a response to one of my queries that I placed with you.
On 17 Feb, 1998, I posted a query for Dow/DeLong. They lived in Christian Co, and they lost 3 children in their 20’s in 1885 and several children later. I wondered if there was some kind of an epidemic and asked if anyone could help me.
In July of 1998, I received an answer to my query by Chuck Courtwright. He told me some of the children died of consumption (TB) and one other died of typhoid fever. Then after discussing our families we realized we were cousins. His Gr. Grandmother and my Gr. Grandfather were brother and sister.
In Oct my husband and I went to Illinois to meet them and others of their family. We were able to exchange family pictures and obits and other information. I found that I had the greatest new cousins you could ever ask for. What a great year this has been and I wanted to thank whoever it is that takes care of the queries.
Thank you so very much.
Georgeann DeLong Brandt


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