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BUTLER, CASHEN, CASHIN, CASHION, CURRAN, CURTIN, KELLER, KELLEY posted by Linda Cashen Gaunt on Tuesday, June 1, 1999

On March 21, 1866, Peter CASHEN married Ellen KELLEY in Springfield, Ill. While crossing the Sangamon River, Ellen's, mother, sister and her infant fell off of the wagon into the water and drown. Peter saved his bride from the same fate by grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to safety. He and his wife settled six miles north of Morrisonville. Peter CASHEN owned approximately 1,000 acres of farm land. My Aunt has said that the Cashen brothers, used different spellings of CASHEN, CASHION, CASHIN, to avoid the mail being sent to the wrong farm. I am trying to locate information on the Kelley side, such as her mother's name, father's name, etc. Both Peter and Ellen were born in County Cork, Ireland (Peter - born 12/28/1845, died 5/30/1909, Morrisonville - Ellen - born 8/28/1848, died 9/13/1915 Morrisonville). I can't locate anything that I can directly attach to the Kelley's. Date: Wed Oct 13 17:37:16 1999 Name: Linda Cashen Gaunt Email: [email protected] Qrytext: Updated Information for 10/12/99 Posting on CASHEN I have been information that I left out important information on my query of 10/12/99. Here is the information I fail to include: Ellen KELLEY (8/28/1848 - 9/13/15) married Peter J. CASHEN (12/28/1845 - 5/30/09) on 3/21/1866, in Springfield,Illinois. Both buried in St. Maurice Catholic Church, Morrisonville, Christian Co., Illinois. John W. CASHEN (1867) married Elizabeth CURTIN in Christian Co. 11/17/1895. Mary CASHEN (1868 - 1871) born and died in Christian Co. Margaret Ann CASHEN aka Maggie Cashin(1871) married John BUTLER in Christian Co., 8/9/1895. Aloysuis CASHEN (1887) married Julia CURRAN in Raymond -- I believe Christian Co., on 10/4/1911. Catherine Agnes CASHEN (1887) married Hugo Leo KELLER on 6/3/1909 in Morrisonville, Christian Co. I believe other relatives where also in Christian Co. as my grandfather, Thomas Vincent CASHEN, built his home & farm in Morrisonville. I'm very sorry for the error.

CARMAN, SHIPLEY posted by Deb Klein on Friday, June 4, 1999

I am looking for my great-great-great grandparents, John and Julian CARMAN. They had a daughter,Hattie who married Zachary SHIPLEY in Christian County in 1872. Hattie was born in Christian County Sept.27, 1849. I have not other information about Hattie or her parents. Zachary later became Marshall in Clay County and was killed on the job in Jan. 1909. I have no other information on him. Zach and Hattie had 6 children, 2 girls and 4 boys. 4 were living at the time of her death in St.Louis, Oct. 17, 1929. They were Nellie Shipley Stanford, John Shipley, Frank Shipley and William. Any information anyone can give me, or resources where to look would be much appreciated. Thanks.

ANDERSON, HART posted by Lyndon Irwin on Monday, June 7, 1999

Purchased three post cards recently. One is a colored card showing Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, Illinois. The other two are real photos - one is the grave marker for the ANDERSON family showing the stone for Mary Ellen 1845 - 1908. It appears that the photo was taken just after the burial. The other is of Harvey G. HART, 1836 - 1908. It too appears to be a fresh grave. I assmue that these burials were in Oak Hill Cemetery and I suspect that Mary Ellen and Harvey were related.

ALEXANDER, DAY posted by Connie Day Sommer on Monday, June 7, 1999

I'm seeking information on Harry DAY who was married to Minnie E. ALEXANDER and lived at 930 W. England St. in Taylorville, IL. I'm not sure how long they lived there but I know they lived there in 1946 and 1947. They had three children, Mary who died in her 20s I believe, Hal Bernard (my father) and Donald. My uncle Donald says that both of their families lived in and around Taylorville and Pana for at least two previous generations. I haven't been able to find anything on either my grandfather or grandmother or their respective families. I don't know where else to look so any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know how much you charge for this service and I will be glad to pay for this information. Thank you very much for any help you can give me. Connie DAY Sommer

NORRIS, PITTENGER posted by Therese Olsen on Wednesday, June 9, 1999

I am helping a friend do a search for relatives by the names of William PITTENGER and Alma NORRIS from Taylorville. Am interested in birth dates and places, if possible. Any help is appreciated.

ACHENBACH, LIENHART, SCHNEPP posted by Jim Achenbach on Thursday, June 10, 1999

I am looking for information on the following surnames - ACHENBACH, LIENHART, and SCHNEPP from the Taylorville area. I believe they were all families that resided in an area West of Taylorville and South of Kincaid in the 1800's.

HENDERSON, WHITESIDE posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Monday, June 14, 1999

*Please respond directly to my email address at [email protected] (or during the day (Pacific time) at [email protected]), thanks* I am looking for information on John A. HENDERSON (born circa 1819 in VA) married Elizabeth A. WHITESIDE (born circa 1825; IL). Elizabeth is the daughter of Samuel WHITESIDE. I am looking for confirmation of the Henderson/Whiteside Connections. John A. & Elizabeth (WHITESIDE) HENDERSON lived in Taylorville, Mt. Auburn, and later in Mosquito Townships of Christian Co., IL. Their children as shown by the census are: William; Frances; Laura; James; & Margaret. Any inforamtion on these people will be helpful. James D. HENDERSON (born Sept. 1863; IL), son of John A. HENDERSON, married a woman named Martha (surname unknown). The couple lived in Mosquito Township in Christian Co., IL. The couple had issue: Martha E; John A. (born Apr 1885); Lena D. (born Jan 1888); David J. (born Feb 1890); & Floye Agnes (born Jan 1892). I would like any information on this family including birth and death dates who they married and information on Martha and her surname.

MARKUNAS posted by Phyllis Snider on Monday, June 14, 1999

MARKUNAS, Frank I am seeking information regarding the shooting of Frank Markunas during the mining union conflict. March, 1935 he was shot by mistake and died as a result of his wounds. I am interested in the arrest and paritcularly of the trial of his perpetrator. The papers where he lived only gave his death account and his burial back in Vermilion County.

HENDERSON, MILLIGAN posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Looking for information on the family of Martha E. MILLIGAN "Mat" who married James D. HENDERSON about 1883 in Christian Co., IL. By naming patterns of the HENDERSON children my guess is that Martha is the daughter of David J. MILLIGAN. Is anyone researching this line? Any information no matter how small will be appreciated.


David A. GRIERSON 37799 Apache Rd. Charlotte Hall, Maryland 20622-3155 I am interested in an connection to the PLUMIER family. Arnold Louis PLUMIER married Mary June BRUMMETT, b. June 10th, 1919, Indianapolis, Illinois; Adopted to the norman family in Shelby Co., Illinois in 1920. Mary June BRUMMETT married Arnold Louis PLUMIER in Pana, Christian Co., Illinois and she died in Shelbyville, Illinois in 1938/9 after the birth of her third child, Ada Plumier. Arnold Louis PLUMIER, her husband was born October 2nd, 1914, Pana, Christian Co., Illinois and died in Rogue River, Oregon i May 1981, was creamated. Their children were Joyce PLUMIER, Arnold A. PLUMIER, & Ada Lenore PLUMIER. They have connections to the GRIERSON, KELLY, GALLAGHER, WRIGHT, RAGAN, STEWARDSON, NORMAN, SIMMON, PRUIT, LOWER, CIRILLO, FLESHNER, CAUMIANT, HUBERT, GRAFFERT, BROZET, LOVIN, STUART, BERGSTROM, LONG, KUNZEMAN, BUCHANAN, HEFFERNAN, & CULLIFORD, families. I am interested in all of these lines as it pertains to the PLUMIER family. The PLUMIER'S are from Belgium & emigrated from Belgium as immigrants to the state of Illinois in c1880.


Searching for descendants of Abner HATFIELD and Mary YOUTSLER. They were married in Fayette Co, IL 1835. Mary HATFIELD is found on 1850 Shelby Co., IL census alone with 4 children: Rozanah born circa 1838 married John WARNICK in Christian Co., 22 Nov 1855; Harmon H. born circa 1840 married Mary J. SELLS , 26 Jan 1865; Suzanah born 5 Apr 1845 , died 21 Jan 1920 , marrried John BANKSON 15 May 1862, married James William DAIN 21 Feb 1869; and Martha born circa 1848 , no further information. Mary YOUTSLER then married: Andrew LOCKARD ,28 Feb 1851,Shelby Co.; Andrew HAYWARD 18 Feb 1858 Christian Co.; William O. KELLEY 17 Dec 1866 Christian Co; and Morton REYNOLDS 20 Apr 1871.

MEEKS, PEYTON posted by David Richey on Saturday, July 3, 1999

MEEKS, George Anderson b:4/16/1870 Christian County MEEKS, Lewis Albert father of George Meeks PEYTON, Susan Jane mother of George Meeks Looking for information on above persons.

HUNTER, MILLIGAN, WATKINS posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Saturday, July 3, 1999

I am researching the family of David J. MILLIGAN (born c1832 in Christian Co., IL) and married Rachel A. HUNTER (born c1844). David became a wealthy farmer and stockraiser in Mosquito Township. The couple had issue: Mary B., Martha E., and Charles S. David J. MILLIGAN is the son of Forgus and Sarah MILLIGAN who came to the area that would become Christian Co. in 1831 from Tennessee. Sarah's maiden name may be WATKINS; she was born about 1806 in Tennessee. Forgus died before 1850. The had at least 10 children, but from Census records I can only identify: Mary (married Montgomery Goodrich); William H.; Martha (married a Alsood? Algood?); Margaret (married Joseph Widick?); David J.; James S.; Amemda M. Rachel A. HUNTER is the daughter of William (born c1806) and Mary HUNTER (born c1814) natives of Kentucky who settled in the Mount Auburn area of Christian Co. by 1850. They had issue: Martha J.; Celia; Elizbeth; Susan; Rachel; James; Henry C.; Catherine; Melia; and Margaret.

BURRELL, KETCHUM, RAZOR posted by Berry Spradley on Saturday, July 3, 1999

Christopher KETCHUM and Peter Razor KETCHUM came to Christian County about 1825. Christopher was (I think) a preacher. He remained in Christian County for the rest of his life and is buried in Old Stonington Cemetery (d. Oct. 1851). Peter R. went to Texas about 1850 with 2 of his children - James and Green Berry KETCHUM. James was killed by indians in Texas. Green Berry moved to San Saba Co., TX and was the father of Thomas Edward "Black Jack" KETCHUM, the outlaw. Peter married Ann Burrell in Blount Co., AL on Oct. 10, 1825. I need any information available for a RAZOR or BURRELL family family in Christian County.

CARLOCK, CARNEY, CEARLOCK, CLOE, DICKERSON, FUNK, WARD posted by Sue Tilleman on Saturday, July 3, 1999

Researching the following surnames in Christian County: CARLOCK, CARNEY, CEARLOCK, CLOE, DICKERSON, FUNK, WARD.

CULBERSON, CULBERTSON, POPE posted by Lynne Evans on Saturday, July 3, 1999

Trying to locate any information about a James D. CULBERSON (CULBERTSON) who married Susan POPE of Fayette County on 7-15-1847. James is listed as being from Pana on his enlistment papers for the Civil War. He served in H Company 116th Infantry. Would love to locate any descendants of this pair.


Seeking information about the HOLBEN family of Christian County: Edward HOLBEN (born 1837, probably Medina Co, OH) married Barbara WEISER (born 1842 Beardstown, Cass Co, IL) in Cass County, IL in 1863. By 1870 family was living in Christian Co, IL; 7 children: Mary Catherine "Mel" HOLBEN b. 1865 d. 1941 m1. Albert RISCHEL m2. W.L. HODDE Charles Delos "Delias" HOLBEN b. 1867 d. 1892 Carrie Minerva HOLBEN b. 1869 d. 1963 m1. Charles ALEXANDER m2. T.M. NORWOOD Cedona Margaret HOLBEN b. 1872 d. 1926 m. William SANDERS George Allen HOLBEN b. 1875 d. 1910 m. Hilda HERRING Gertrude Susanna Philinia "Gertie" HOLBEN b. 1881 d. 1963 m. Isaac Paris "Pete" MABRY Ora Carrol HOLBEN b. 1887 d. 1964 m. Jerry DELANGUALDT (sp?) Any additional information would be appreciated - happy to share what I have.

MARTIN, POUND, VANDEVEER posted by Ken Reed on Monday, July 5, 1999

Looking for information on the family of Joseph Hamilton POUND b. 1/16/ 1850 and H.E. MARTIN b. 11/2/1849 d.2/2/1895. Joseph was the son of Josephus POUND and Rachael VANDEVEER. H. E. was the daughter of Daniel MARTIN and Nancy SWITCHERr. Resided near

POUND, TUCKER, VANDEVEER posted by Ken Reed on Monday, July 5, 1999

Looking for information on the family of James TUCKER and Elizabeth POUND b. 12/25/1851. James was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth TUCKER. Elizabeth was the daughter of Josephus POUND and Rachael VANDEVEER. Resided near Palmer, Christain Co. Illinois.

JOHNSON, MOOR, POUND, VANDEVEER posted by Ken Reed on Monday, July 5, 1999

Looking for information on the family of Jospehus POUND b.4/7/1828 d.12/29/1902 and Rachael VANDEVEER b. 7/29/1829. Josephus was the son of Thomas POUND and Nancy JOHNSON. Rachael was the daughter of Joel VANDEVEERr and Rachael MOOR. They resided at Clarksdale, Christain Co. Illinois.

MCARTHUR, MILLIGAN, POLLARD, SNUFFIN posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Although I am researching a MILLIGAN family in the Mount Auburn area of Christian County, I have come across this account of another MILLIGAN family that lived in the Taylorville area. Samuel MILLIGAN was born 10 August 1827 in Champaign County, OH to William & Eliza (POLLARD) MILLIGAN). William was a native of Pennsylvania. Samuel was a butcher by trade and set up shop in Tylorville in 1856. He married in 1866 to Rebecca SNUFFIN, the widow of Thomas MCARTHUR. All of this comes from the "Portrait & Biography of Christian Co., IL" published in 1893.

HENDERSON, KIMBALL, WHITESIDE posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Wednesday, July 7, 1999

I am researching the family of Joha Allen HENDERSON and his wife Elizabeth Ann WHITESIDE. Their daughter "Janie" Frances Jane Henderson (1851-1940) married Mount Auburn merchant Richard KIMBALL; a native of Warren VT. I am interested in any HENDERSON family history that this line can share.

GOODRICH, MILLIGAN posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Wednesday, July 7, 1999

I am researching the Forgus MILLIGAN family of the Mount Auburn area of Christian County. Forgus' daughter Mary Milligan married in 1845 to Montogmery P. GOODRICH (died 1876). Montgomery and his brother William August GOODRICH came to Mount Auburn and settled on 320 acres of land his father had purchased. William A. Goodrich served as Sheriff of the County. Montgomery was a farmer, but also served in various civic positions such as County Surveyor and County JP. In 1880, Mary (MILLIGAN) GOODRICH included a biography of her husband in the "History of Christian County, Illinois" and I hope that from the GOODRICH descendants there might be more Milligan family history perserved.

CROW, KALB, RHINEHART posted by Linda Flesch on Friday, July 9, 1999

Looking for descendants of John Edward KALB 1856 - 1921 of Rosamond, Illinois. Wife was Carrie B RHINEHART. Children; Myrtle b. 1884 married to Claude CROW Elva b. 1886 John & Carrie Kalb are buried in the Rosemond Grove Cemetery

DICKERSON, HUNTER, MILLIGAN, SCOTT posted by J. Daniel Mahar on Monday, July 12, 1999

Additional research has shown that William HUNTER (born 1807) of Christian County, IL is the son of James & Rachel (SCOTT) HUNTER who came from Gallatin Co., KY and settled in the Illiopolis township of Sangamon County, IL. William married another Kentuckian, Mary Eliza Dickerson (born 1809), daugther of Samuel DICKERSON of Sangamon Co., IL. William & Mary (DICKERSON) HUNTER were married in Sangamon County in 1832 and settled soon after in Christian Co., IL. They had a large family. William died between 1840 and 1850. Mary died between 1850 and 1860. Their children: Celia; Elizabeth; Susan; Rachel A. (married David J. MILLIGAN); James T.; Henry C.; Catherine; Melia;& Margaret. Can anyone help provide birth and death dates for the children? Death dates for the parents? Any oral family history on these people.

DEAN, KOONCE, PETTIT posted by Patricia Koonce Watkins-Root on Wednesday, July 14, 1999

I am looking for a family of Robert Harold KOONCE. Born 1898 in Mulbury Grove, IL, died 1985 Pana, IL. married to Josephine DEAN PETTIT 1959-1962. Married to Ida Mathews 164-1970.

DAWSON, OVERTON posted by Holly Schrank on Friday, July 16, 1999

DAWSON, OVERTON I'm looking for info on Benjamin Overton and Mary Dawson who were married before 1833, probably in Christian County. Trying to establish children's names, and Benjamin and Mary's parents. Glad to exchange info.

DEISTER, ROTHERT posted by M. Jay Kimmel on Sunday, July 18, 1999

In July of 1933, Edward H. ROTHERT was named in a sister's obituary as residing in Pana, Illinois. Edward married Jeannette DEISTER on Feb. 21, 1905 in Wyandotte County Kansas. Would like to exchange information with anyone related to either or both of these people.

HUFFORD posted by Susan Hofford Schneiter on Tuesday, July 20, 1999

HUFFORD I am seeking for information on a Cumberland Hufford and James Hufford and family. Cumberland purchased federal land in Christian County in 1849.

LESLIE posted by Evelyn Leslie on Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Looking for descendants of Alexander M. LESLIE b. 1847 in AL and moved to Morrisonville, IL as a young man. Appreicate any info.

KOLESAR, TOKOLY posted by Terry Rushing on Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Looking for information on Leopold K. KOLESAR and Mary TOKOLY. They lived in Pana. Need 1910 and 1920 Census. Need obituray on Lepold, he died November 13, 1945. Thank-You.

BLAKEMORE posted by Jim Blakemore on Thursday, July 22, 1999

BLAKEMORE, I am looking for info on father, and grandparents. Father born near Taylorville in 1918, 4th son and had a sister born after him. Either a Turkey Gulch or Dry Turkey area, or township.. Brother Paul died in McClure, Alexander Co. Il in 30s and was brought back to Taylorville area for burial. Fathers name was James R....Grandfathers was James Franklin...Grandmother was Amy Roberts... don't know where grandparents were married. Grandpa came from Dadeville, MO don't know when.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

TALBOTT posted by Suzy on Saturday, July 24, 1999

Looking for any information about John and Barbara (Petri)TALBOTT. Lived in Christian/Shelby county area from about 1908 - 1922. He was born in England; wife was from Germany; came to Illinois from North Dakota; 4 children born in this area (Arthur, Charles, Metta, Frederick)Assumption and Tower Hill. It is believed he was a farmer. Moved to Florida in 1922.

STUBECK, STUPECK, STUPEK, TWARDOS posted by Carol Elder on Monday, July 26, 1999

I'm looking for a connection to Helen "Nellie" STUPEK. She married Albert TWARDOS in ~1908, but I don't know where. Helen and Albert TWARDOS lived in Lincoln, Logan, IL. I know an Albert STUPEK and the late Anna Stupek Stalets lived in Pana. Does anyone know anything about Helen? She was born approx. 1888; her husband Albert TWARDOS died in Johnston City, IL in 1922. One of their daughters Mary Elizabeth died in 1917 at the age of 3-1/2. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. U P D A T E This is an update to a previous queary (July 1999). I'm still looking for information regarding Helen Nellie STUPEK, but in my research I have found her surname spelled in several different ways: STUPECK, STUBECK. I have recently learned that she may have three brothers: Martin, Steve and Jacob (also known as John). I still don't know where Helen was born or where she married Albert TWARDOS. If you have come across the STUPEK name please let me know. Thank you.

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