Christian County Postcards

5-62 Lake Taylorville Located 2 Miles Southeast of Taylorville, Ill. Built and owned by the City of Taylorville without State or Federal Aid. 44 Miles of Shoreline and 1300 Acres of water with an average depth of over 11 feet. New boating, fishing and other Recreational Activities. You are welcome!

16,140F Motel Taylorville - Route 48 West, Taylorville, Illinois - New and Modern
Motel Taylorville - Illinois' most beautiful Motel - Located just west of Junction of 48 and 29 on Route 48. Twenty Units all modern. Mengel Equipment. Telephone Service. Restaurant and Service Station. Phone - Taylorville 782.
Postmarked October 11, 1956

70 Taylorville Township High School, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked September 30, 1914

119.022 First Trust and Savings Bank . . . on the Square . . . in Taylorville, Ill. Christian County and South Central Illinois' most complete Financial Center. This Beautiful new Building will be Completed in 1976.

631 Taylorville, Ill. City Hall
Postmarked May 4, 1907

634 Carnegie Public Library, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked April 24, 1907

635 Taylorville Township High School, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked September 27, 1906

637 New Oak Hill Cemetery Bridge, Taylorville, Ill.

1489 Birds Eye View, Taylorville, Ill.

1490 St. Vincent Hospital, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked August 6, 1909

2578 Blue Classic Motel Junction Route 29 and Route 48 - Taylorville, Illinois
Blue Classic Motel - Taylorville, Illinois - On Route 48, on block west of Junction of Highway 29. Easy walking distance to business discrict. Private Showers. Clean Modern Rooms. Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Howlette. Telephone 1189
Postmarked August 23, 1953

3653 Looking East on Market St. Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked June 28, 1909

11184 Looking South on Main St., Taylorville, Ill.

32365 Davis Memorial Christian Church, Taylorville, Ill.

41909-C High School, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked September 26, 1928

85253 St. Vincent Memorial Hospital 201 East Pleasant St., Taylorville, Ill. 122 Beds plus 22 Bassinets - Opened December 31, 1954 - Conducted by The Sisters Adorers of the Most Precious Blood - Ruma (P. O. Box Red Bud), Ill.

129804 Bird's Eye View Looking N.E. from Court House, Taylorville, Ill.

AA 4614 Davis Memoral Christian Church, Taylorville, Illinois.

R-25050 West School, Taylorville, Ill.
Written March 6, 1913

R-36410 Taylorville Township High School, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked March 27, 1914

B & O RR Depot Taylorville, Illinois

West Side Square, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked November 26, 1919

Y.M.C.A. Building Pana, Illinois
Postmarked December 17, 1907

Das Garten Spiel Pana Chautauqua 1911
Postmarked August 21, 1911

Christian County Court House, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked November 21, 1907

Christian County Court House, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked November 26, 1908

West School, Taylorville, Ill.

St. Vincent Memorial Hospital Taylorville, Illinois

High School, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked May 22, 1908

High School, Taylorville, Ill.

West School, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked February 1910

Blue Classic Tourist Court, Taylorville, Ill.
Blue Classic Tourist Court. Cafe - Filling Station - Modern Cabins - Mr. & Mrs. Harley C. Barham, Owners & Operators

Antler's Hotel, Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked August 5, 1946

Cemetery Bridge, Taylorville, Ill. Sept. 28, 1911. (Looking South)

Christian Church, Taylorville, Illinois

Written on back: "1912 fore Lester. Pana, Ill.

Looking South on Main St, Taylorville, Ill.

Christian Church Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked 1909

St. Vincent Hospital
Taylorville, Ill.
Postmarked July 27, 1922