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Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 12:19 PM
Subject: Bible Records to add
Morgan,   I inherited a family bible from my mother when she passed away in May of 2000.  It is an extremely fragile book that has an ingraved leather cover and frail pages, so I hadn’t opened it up until recently to see if there was any family information in the middle pages.  To my surprise there were many births and marriages written there, but none of them were my immediate family.  I have enclosed the data in it’s entirety here for the readers of Christian Co., IL hoping that someone is related and would like to claim the Bible for their own family documentation.  If anyone responds please have them email me directly.   First Page of Documents: “This Certifies that Benjamin F. Lantz and Verlinda J. Dean were solemly united by me in the Holy Bond of Matrimony at Pleasant Run, Fairfield County on the 8th day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Seven conformably to the Ordinance of God, and the Laws of the State of Ohio.      Signed, Rev. Whitehead of the M.E. Church.”   Page of Marriages Benj. F. Lantz & Verlinda J. Dean married Oct. 8th 1867 Fairfield Co., Ohio Albert E. Lantz and Belle Murphy married Sept. 1, 1889 Taylorville, IL Bertha Lantz married Walter H. Anderson Nov. 19, 1895 Taylorville, IL Minnie Lantz married Ernest Hoover Dec. 24, 1907 Taylorville, IL Roy Lantz married Maude Steer Mar. 1, 1903   Births Page Frankie Lantz was born November 19th 1868 Wheatland, IL Albert Lantz was born March 19, 1870 at Taylorville, IL Chas. M. Lantz was born July 20th, 1872 at Taylorville, IL Roy W. Lantz was born Jany. 5th 1878 Taylorville, IL Bertha Lantz was born Oct. 24th 1877 (The second seven was another number and was erased and written as a 7 in pencil – all originals were in ink.) Taylorville, IL Minnie Lantz born Oct. 24th 1879 (This time the last two numbers have been erased and the 79 is written in pencil.)  Taylorville, IL   Deaths Page Frankie Lantz died December 19th 1868 Chas. M. Lantz died March 19th 1875 Benj. F. Lantz died Jan 24th 1900 Albert E. Lantz died July 4th 1912 Verlinda J. Lantz died Nov. 1st 1920   All entries were written in ink at various times, with the exceptions noted above. If anyone is related directly to this family please contact Sandra Schick at to claim the Bible…please be prepared to prove your lineage.   Many Thanks, Sandra Schick  

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