From: Cheryl Rothwell
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 18:45:37 -0400
Subject: Taylorville

Taylorville, Illinois

Taylorville, seat of Christian County, located at junction of Illinois 48, 29 and 104.

Taylorville was organized in 1839 for the express purpose of serving as county seat for the newly formed Christian County. The original site was purchased from the government by Daniel C. Goode at $1.25 an acre. It was surveyed and plotted by John Taylor, hence Taylorville.

Lincoln practiced law in Taylorville. [Lincoln practiced law in every county court house in central Illinois.] In 1970 the original courthouse was still in existance but had been moved to the Christian County Fair Grounds. It cost $2,350 in 1840. [Is it still there?]

Coal production has been big in Taylorville. In 1970 it was the site of one of the world's largest coal mines. In 1970 coal from that mine fueled generators which generated electricity for Chicago, sent there over 180 miles off transmission lines. There is a lake in conjunction with this, meant for cooling the generators but also providing water activities. There were major labor wars in 1934 and 1937. There is a statue of a slain miner near the gate of Oak Hill Cemetery.