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25 Sep 2001

Rosemond Twp is located in the SE part of CC and it bounded on the N by Locust Twp, on the E by Pana Twp, on the S by Montgomery County, and on the W by Greenwood Twp. The township name was derived from the fact that during the spring and early summer, the prairies of the area were covered with wild roses. 1860 Buckeye Prairie is a part of Locust, Rosemond and Johnson Twps. Its earliest settlers came from Ohio, the Buckeye State.

Pile School
Bell's Grove
Rosemond Grove Cemetery 1863
Blue Mound
Stone Coal
Big Four R.R.
Greeley School
Grant School (Mud School)
Rosemond First Congregational Church 1856
Rosemond Methodist Episcopal Church 1867
County Poor Farm 1870