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1 Sep 2001

Mt. Auburn Twp is situated in the northern part of the county, bounded on the north by the Sangamon River, east by Mosquito, south by Buckhart and west by Sangamon County. It is the oldest town in CC. It is well drained by the Sangamon River, Mosquito and Buckhart Creeks, and their tributaries. It was organized in 1866. First land entry 1825 by early settlers.

Cotton Gin & Fields
Roby 1918 first store
Archie's Mill 1827
Bolivia 1833
Grove City 1858 first house
Fisher Lodge No 585 1867
Grove City Chapter O.E.S. No 663 1911
Lodge No 275 1872
Grove City Rebekahs 1902
Kedron Lodge No 340 1859
Kedron Chapter No 536 1904
Mt Auburn Lodge No 993 1911
Mt Auburn Lodge No 664 1911
Racy Lodge No 629 1903
Sand Ridge School
Davis District School
Mt Auburn School
Windsor School
Bolivia School
Montgomery School
Grove City School
Blakeville School
Mt Auburn Christian Church 1840
Mt Auburn Cemetery
Grove City Cemetery
Hinkle Cemetery