Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 14:54:23 EDT

Mosquito Twp is in the NE corner of CC. It is bounded on the north by the Sangamon Rover, on the west by Mt Auburn Twp, on the west by Macon County, and on the south by Stonington Twp. Mosquito Creek cuts across the north half of the township, running in a NW direction to the Sangamon River. In early times the borders of this stream were greatly infected with mosquitos, and it was from them that the Creek derived it's name. Mosquito Twp was originally formed a part of "Mt. Auburn Precinct" until the organization in March of 1866.

Strickland Ford
Colwell Family Cemetery
Bottrell School
Cannon School
Pleasant Grove School
Sanders School
Niantic Bridge
Old Sanders Cemetery
Berea (Sanders) Christian Church & Cemetery 1868
Appleville.......Apple and Harmon Families later moved to Ramsey, IL.
Pleasant Valley School
Pleasant Valley U.B. Church 1872
Stafford Cemetery
Hunter Cemetery
Henderson School
Darmer Cemetery
Eagle School
Osbern Home 1909... after the log cabin
Osbernville 1901
Old Morgan Store
Morganville & Christian Church 1871
Sycamore (Buzzards Roost) School Church
Liberty School
Hedgerow School
Union School
Salem School
Salem Christian Church 1879
Randallville School
Randallville Church 1861
Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1837
Central Union Church
Coat Corner Church
Unknown Cemetery