From: Sally Hathaway (
1 Sep 2001

Johnson Twp is located directly south of Taylorville. It is bounded on the east by Locust Twp, on the by Greenwood Twp and on the west by Bear Creek Twp. Early settlers 1837. Township organzied in 1866.

Dawson School
Duval School
Hell's Half Acre 1855
Resler or Simpson Cemetery
Clark Cemetery 1905.....first ttombstone 1832
Rape Cemetery
Anderson Cemetery 1867
Hazel Green School
Center School
Oak Ridge School
Rape Cemetery
Mound Chapel & Cemetery built 1872 services 1864
First Mound School
Second Mound School
Douglas School
Iron Bridge
Greasy Neck Ford
Gravel Road
Providence Church 1873 first know as Southern methodist Episcopal Church
Lake Taylorville