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1 Sep 2001

Greenwood Twp is located on the southern border of CC, bounded on the west by Ricks Twp, on the north by Johnson Twp and on the south by Montgomery County. There has never been an incorporated town in Greenwood Twp. In 1866, on the adoption of township organization, the precinct of "Nevada" came to an and, and was succeeded by Greenwood township-----the remainder of the territory of Nevada was absorbed by Johnson township. First land recorded in 1836.

Noble School
Evangelical Lutheran Church & School (Old German Church) ceased 1914
Kelsay-Williams Cemetery 1852
Sassafras School
Fairview United Methodist Church & Cemetery 1868
Township building
Old Town Hall
Garmen-Norris Cemetery
Skinner School
Compton School
Antioch Church & Cemetery ceased in 1900 (United Methodist or Methodist)
Center Grove Church & Cemetery 1872
Kettelkamp Cemetery 1871 (Kettlekamp cem is in Greenwood Twp. It is located just off the east side of the Taylorville-Nokomis Road, south of Taylorville.)
Gopher Hill School
South Fork United Methodist Church 1867
old cemetery with Virden's & Corns 1836 abandoned, stones removed