From: "Mark Loreth`" <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 09:25:10 -0500

Blackburn a small village was located 1.5 miles south of present day Tovey in section 17, Township 13 North. It once was the only voting place in South Fork Township. It is reasonable to assume That Blackburn originated about 1870 as the history of 1880 lists Dr. J.H. Dickerson, the founder, graduating from the Phiadelphia University in medicine and starting practice immediately in Christian County, going to South Fork nine months later. He was also the postmaster and merchant. His partner was Mr. Peek.
John White also had a store. A large hall where the Modern Woodmen held their meetings was also used as a community center. Many were the events and dances held.

James Bell taught school in Sagamon County and in 1882 went to Blackburn to practice medicine. The White store was owned by Mr.Peek,Mike Drea, and Roy Curvey. The town once had a post office, stores, a blacksmith shop, several homes, besides the community hall. Now, it is a ghost town.

Most of this information was obtained from the 1880 history book of Christian County.