From: Sally Hathaway
Date: 17 May 2004

Simpson Cemetery Johnson Twp

This small burial ground is located in a wooded grove surrounded by fields on the Willard Parrish farm in Johnson Twp.

A few fruit trees remain standing marking the place where there was once a house and orchard near the family burial plot. There is no trace of the road that once let to this place. The surveyors located it through the assistance of a small girl residing in the area.


Bulger, Margaret Ellend 3-8-18?? dau of P & M
Durbin, Ann S. 1836-1855 aged 19 yrs wife of C J
Durbin, Charlotte 1871-1872 dau of A & E
Durbin, Charles G d 1883 aged 6 mos son of R & E
Durbin, Eliza Jane 1853-1883 wife of ____ Durbin
Durbin, James d 9-22-1856 son of C J & A S
Simpson, Anna C 1849-10-1871 aged 22 yrs
Simpson, Dominick 1823-1854
Simpson, Lewis 1827-1854
Simpson, James S 1858-1859 son of I & M
Simpson, Ricahrd 1862-1864 son of I & M
Simpson, Nancy 1800-1870 aged 70 yrs wife of Richard
Simpson, Ricahrd d 1-24-1849 aged 62 yrs

That is all that the cemetery book listed.

Sally Hathaway......:-)
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